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Time Machines is a website dedicated to classic cars I own or have owned. Most of them have stories attached that keep them relevant to me and, besides, who doesn’t like pictures of old cars?

I’ve been a serial car buyer since the age of 16. By the time I turned 27, I’d already owned 27 different cars. My wife understands that, since I can’t have them all at once, i’m going to have them all one at a time.  What you see here is a very small slice of the vehicles I’ve owned over the years.


  1. Hi! Regarding CatVerts, I was trying to find out where the late Barry Margolis acquired his 1968 convertible and came across your site.

    I wanted to update you on Barry’s “The Redhead” 1968 Cougar convertible. The car left his and Carol’s garage for the last time about a week or two after his passing. Barry willed it to Sonny Dolezel, of The Florida Old Guys. Sonny lives just outside of Jacksonville, FL, and is driving/showing it as a tribute to Barry. He, Cecil Weippert “Packard Bill” Strall and Barry met on a Hot Rod Power Tour and their friendship blossomed via the Sunshine State Cougar Club, as the four of them were members at one point. I am a former newsletter editor/designer for the club (was drafted and eventually served an eight year sentence.) : ) =^. .^=

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