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Time Machines is a website dedicated to classic cars I own or have owned. Most of them have stories attached that keep them relevant to me and, besides, who doesn’t like pictures of old cars?

I’ve been a serial car buyer since the age of 16. By the time I turned 27, I’d already owned 27 different cars. My wife understands that, since I can’t have them all at once, i’m going to have them all one at a time.  What you see here is a very small slice of the vehicles I’ve owned over the years.


  1. Hi! Regarding CatVerts, I was trying to find out where the late Barry Margolis acquired his 1968 convertible and came across your site.

    I wanted to update you on Barry’s “The Redhead” 1968 Cougar convertible. The car left his and Carol’s garage for the last time about a week or two after his passing. Barry willed it to Sonny Dolezel, of The Florida Old Guys. Sonny lives just outside of Jacksonville, FL, and is driving/showing it as a tribute to Barry. He, Cecil Weippert “Packard Bill” Strall and Barry met on a Hot Rod Power Tour and their friendship blossomed via the Sunshine State Cougar Club, as the four of them were members at one point. I am a former newsletter editor/designer for the club (was drafted and eventually served an eight year sentence.) : ) =^. .^=

  2. I’ve owned a 68 Cougar since 1978 and I built into a “catvert” as you call it in 1997. Full restoration/ modification done the correct and factory way, with all factory parts, fully documented. Since then it has 3700 miles on it and has never been in the rain, never in a show only seen around local town on the average of once every 3 years. I’m ready to sell it to one of your true enthusiast if they have the funds. The car has been well protected in Florida since 1985. Where do I start with your club before this goes to ebay or bringatrailer.com?

    1. Tom, the best advice I can give you is to thoroughly and completely photo-document the car showing exactly how the conversion was done and be prepared to answer detailed questions about how it was executed. Have all that done and ready to share before posting the car anywhere. There are a lot of poor conversions out there so Cougar people have learned to ask the pointed questions. If you want to offer it within the Cougar world, there are two forum websites that dominate on-line activity. They are http://www.ClassicCougarCommunity.com and
      https://www.mercurycougar.net/forums/forum.php. There is also a Facebook page devoted to the 1967-1968 Cougar.

  3. Catvert. I am looking to either pay to have my 67 XR7 “converted” to a convertible or buy one outright. I have talked to Don Rush about his but that car really needs a SOHC or something similar. I am going in a different direction. I want to build a chassis car that can accept a Coyote or Eco Boost with modern Overdrive trans.
    I own a 67 GT XR7. It is a #1 restoration with 427 sideoiler. Love the car but i would not jump in it and drive 2 hours to a car show.
    If you or anyone knows of a convertible for sale please let me know.

    1. The article posted at the top of the CatVert page basically are Kevin’s detailed notes, as far as I know. For anything more, you’d need to reach out to him via Marti Auto and see what he still has and is willing to share.

  4. I actually own the madras blue vert you have a picture on your page. I live in Owasso, OK. The car was built by Cecil Jones.

  5. I now own the Virgil Brown convertible, and it is part of our Mid-America Cougar Club, along with Charlie Brown’s convertible. I have been going through the car to give it a freshening since it had not been driven regularly in quite some time. I have detailed the underhood area, “upgraded” to 15″ red stripe tires with new Cougar styled wheels, replaced most all of the tired brightwork and continued Virgil’s “G” them by adding the grille badge and interior appointments, as well as the “G” wheel center caps. I will also probably convert the interior to a red “XR7-G” style.

    1. Not that I’m aware. Two of them recently changed hands, one via Barret-Jackson and one via word of mouth, so they do occasionally come up for sale but they sell quickly.

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