1969 Stingray Coupe

Sometimes, there’s just no shaking the itch. After owning the two Corvettes below, I detoured through a 1997 Camaro, a 2007 Chrysler Crossfire, and several 167-68 Cougars. Now this ’69 Stingray is in my garage as of this writing. It’s originally a 350/350 4-speed car, but the matching engine was blown up long ago by a previous owners son, so it came with a ’72 400 with an Edelbrock performance package.

However, that engine was much more tired than I’d been led to believe and, not long after I bought it, it began smoking. Long story short, this Corvette is now powered by a GM Performance 350/357 crate engine paired with a WCT5 manual transmission.

This car has been an adventure and it now sits on a brand-new Vette Products frame, has all-new suspension, body mounts, brakes, and has been fitted with a new custom exhaust.

1988 Corvette Z-52 Convertible

I’ve always liked Corvettes and it had a long-held place on my bucket list, so I decided to go for it. My first Corvette was a 1988 triple-black, Z-52 convertible like the one at left.  Unfortunately, I have no remaining pictures of my actual car but the image above is identical to what I had.  It was fun, but I kept thinking that a 1992 or later with the 300HP LT-1 might be more fun, so eventually a trip back to the classic Corvette dealer was in order.

1994 Corvette Convertible

Again, the picture above is identical to what I bought as a replacement for the ’88 Corvette.  I should have done some better homework, because the extra horsepower in this LT-1 Corvette didn’t make up for the weaker handling compared to the Z-52 version.  So it didn’t stay with me long and I decided to try something a little bit different, this time a brand-new 1997 Camaro Z-28 30th Anniversary Edition 6-speed convertible.